5 Ways Identity Governance Brings Your Organization Closer to Zero Trust

Identity Governance and Zero Trust What is identity governance? In today’s world, data is more valuable than ever before. As a result, organizations are under increasing pressure to protect their data from unauthorized access. Identity Governance (IDG) is a critical tool for helping organizations meet this challenge. Identity Governance and Zero Trust are two critical […]

Use AI Language Models Effectively in your Identity and Access Management Strategy

How can you use AI language models effectively in your Identity and Access Management strategy? Use Artificial Intelligence to create your IAM policies. Policy development is a crucial component of an organization’s IAM approach, necessitating a deep understanding of the environment, objectives, IAM, and security, and takes significant brainstorming, documentation, and time commitment. Leveraging AI […]

The Pillars of Zero Trust: The time is now.

What is Zero Trust Zero Trust is a security framework that requires all users, including those inside and outside of the organization’s network, to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated for security configuration and posture before being granted or keeping access to applications and data. The pillars of Zero Trust or framework is based on […]

A Guide to Identity and Access Management (IAM) Terminology and Acronyms

Identity and Access Management acronyms

The Identity and Access Management (IAM) industry has a variety of well-known and obscure terms, so we created an Identity and Access Management (IAM) Terminology and Acronyms list for easy reference. This is intended to serve as a basic guide and includes common abbreviations and short definitions related to IAM. Identity and Access Management acronyms […]

The Role of IAM Consultants and System Integrators

IAM Consultants and System Integrators In most successful organizations, leaders and decision makers are focused on running their business and may not have the time or resources to effectively plan and manage a detailed identity and access management (IAM) project or execute on a strategy. Even if a firm has a dedicated IAM specialist on […]

7 Steps for Planning your IAM Strategy

A businessman is pointing to a plan in a handwritten schema drawn on a transparent board.

Planning your IAM strategy is crucial before implementing an identity and access management framework in your business. Your IAM framework is not just a simple piece of software that you buy and install as-is. It’s a complex solution that includes multiple resources, such as new and legacy software, databases, policies, and organizational culture toward security. […]

Identity and Access Management 101: What is IAM? 

working remotely can put your companies security at risk without a proper IAM strategy

On-premises infrastructure, cloud, mobile or any other technology that stores confidential data that can be accessed by your employees are a lucrative target for cyber criminals. While those resources might be intended to only be accessed by trusted employees and users on your network, you can never be sure who is behind an identity. Therefore, […]

Top 5 reasons you need an IAM strategy

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For most businesses, a poor IAM strategy is the main reason behind cyber security breaches. In other words, a flawed approach to managing users’ identities and providing access to critical company resources leads to lots of compromised credentials. Meanwhile, lame credentials are one of the most significant sources of vulnerabilities to cyberattacks.  At the same […]

ElephantHop Brings On Executive Hires to Strengthen Their Global Impact

BOULDER, Colorado, January 13, 2022 – ElephantHop is expanding their partnership with the U.K.-based Managed Services Provider (MSP) Employee Zero further, by bringing on Cherie Pitcher, their Director and James Martin, CEO and Founder as equity stakeholders at ElephantHop.  Establishing their partnership in October 2021, ElephantHop is excited to announce the expansion of their team […]