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There are a myriad of SSO, MFA, MDA and cloud directory players in the rapidly evolving identity and access management (IAM) market. But IAM services options lack. For IT admins, security, and risk management leaders who are looking for a complete IAM program, this can pose a significant challenge when evaluating the appropriate technology for their organization.

To help organizations better understand the business and technology impact of selecting a new IAM solution, ElephantHop’s consulting practice can aid in the evaluation and testing of leading solutions in the marketplace and bring our experience to the table with our certifications in Okta, Rippling, JumpCloud and Google.

New to IAM

You might not have an IAM solution in place, or you may have already started implementing tooling for specific needs but you needed more help and time in testing the tool, or something came up that shifted your priorities.

Whatever the reason, let us assist in your testing and training to get you back on track to make an informed decision.

Let ElephantHop help with your analysis, and if needed our IAM services can assist in creating an ROI and TCO model to justify your decision.

Evolving IAM strategy

What if you have already implemented IAM solutions but they are just not providing enough business value?

ElephantHop can help you assess your current IAM solutions and understand what it would take to migrate your current environment to one that would better suit your needs. 

To assist in the justification, we can provide a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) evaluation so you can realize what the solutions you have today are actually costing you year after year.

Scaling for growth

Your business might be experiencing fast growth, or has moved to a hybrid work environment, and you believe that a scalable IAM strategy is what you need.

We want to understand what you are doing today to manage your company’s users, their identities and the devices they work from, so we can help you take it to the next level with the appropriate IAM technology solutions.


So, you’ve made your decision to reimagine your IAM strategy and need help deploying IAM solutions. 

Implementation can be relatively straightforward if you have no program in place, or if you are coming off of another IAM solution it can be more complex, requiring some guidance and assistance. Our technical experts have successfully completed hundreds of these implementations across Okta, Rippling, JumpCloud and Google over the years and are here to make it as seamless as possible for you.

Our validated and time-tested approach is
something you will appreciate.

1. Question / Answer Evaluation

You answer a few questions so we can understand your business and how you are currently leveraging IAM technologies.

2. Planning / Roadmap

We develop an implementation plan based on our experience that suits your timeline and goals.

3. Alignment

We align with your team to ensure both parties understand the process and your questions are answered.

4. GO!

We kick off the implementation and IAM services and give you access to our project management board so you can see the progress.

5. Review

We meet regularly with your team to review the
progress of the project plan.

Fully Managed IAM Services

At an enterprise level, managing IAM solutions is a full-time job for one or many. Similarly, for smaller companies IAM is time consuming and requires dedicated staff and often overbearing financial investments. 

Many of our customers have a need for us to manage their entire IAM environment for three main reasons: they don’t have the expertise in-house yet, they have the expertise but not the time for now to learn it due to other IT priorities, or because their current resource has left the company or is taking time off.

Our Okta, JumpCloud, Rippling and Google IAM managed services can help you with:

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