IAM Implementation Services
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IAM Implementation Services

So, you’ve made your decision to reimagine your IAM strategy and need help deploying IAM solutions. 

Identity and Access Management implementations can’t be left to the uneducated. If you have more than 5 identities or if you are coming off of another IAM solution the process will be complex, requiring some guidance and assistance with our IAM Implementation Services.

Our technical experts have successfully completed hundreds of these implementations across Okta, JumpCloud, Rippling and Google over the years and are here to make it as seamless as possible for you.

Identity and Access Management (IAM), is crucial for ensuring that the right users have appropriate access to technology resources. It’s not just about controlling access; it involves the management of the identity lifecycle, including the creation, modification, and deletion of identities, as well as managing the access rights for these identities. IAM is a key part of IT security and data management, addressing the need for appropriate access across diverse and evolving technology environments while meeting stringent compliance requirements. With ElephantHop’s expertise in leading IAM solutions, we ensure that your IAM strategy is not only aligned with these standards but also tailored to your organization’s unique needs and challenges.

Our validated and time-tested approach is
something you will appreciate.

1. Question / Answer Evaluation

You answer a few questions so we can understand your business and how you are currently leveraging IAM technologies.

2. Planning / Roadmap

We develop an implementation plan based on our experience that suits your timeline and goals.

3. Alignment

We align with your team to ensure both parties understand the process and your questions are answered.

4. GO!

We kick off the implementation and IAM services and give you access to our project management board so you can see the progress.

5. Review

We meet regularly with your team to review the
progress of the project plan.

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