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ElephantHop is an identity and access management (IAM) consulting firm that has over 20 combined years and thousands of hours of experience working with leading IAM partners and solutions.

The Identity and Access Management platforms we work with include JumpCloud (certified team), Okta (certified team), Rippling, OneLogin, Google (certified team), and many more.  With the growing demand for specialized support for in-house IT administrators to evaluate, implement and manage client’s IAM programs, we created ElephantHop, a globally dedicated IAM consulting team. Our goal is to help SMBs, enterprises and MSPs secure millions of identities and devices globally.

Why are we called ElephantHop? We wanted a name that was relevant and memorable. Fun fact: elephants are the most protective animals in the animal kingdom, which felt analogous to the way IAM similarly protects identities in the digital realm. Another fact is that elephants can’t jump, but we are here to re-imagine what’s possible and enable a smooth process from evaluation to implementation in one Hop!

Get to know the CEO

My name is Brett Ramberg and I’m the CEO and co-founder of ElephantHop. We created this business because we believe the identities in an organization ARE the organization. It’s our passion to protect those identities, therefore, it’s our passion to protect every organization that chooses us as their IAM/IDAM consultant. Give us an opportunity to show you what we can do and let’s build and deploy a purposeful IAM ecosystem together. – Brett Ramberg CEO/Co-Founder

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We are passionate about helping SMBs and enterprise organizations leverage leading IAM solutions in order to secure their devices and data. We have assisted more than 200 companies in that journey across 18 states and 6 countries.


To be the #1 global resource for evaluation, implementation, training, and fully managed services for IAM solutions. We strive to be the global leader in identity and access management services and deliver leading solutions to more than 2 million users by 2030.


Flexible, Creative and Thoughtful in how we work,
and how we treat our fellow employees, our customers, and our partners.





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