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Realize the complete value of your JumpCloud investment with JumpCloud Professional Services by ElephantHop.


Faster implementations


Reduction in major security gaps


Savings on labor and license fees

JumpCloud - Solution Evaluation Services

ElephantHop is at the forefront of providing top-tier JumpCloud Solution Evaluation Services, ideal for modern companies exploring advanced Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. Whether your organization is exploring IAM for the first time, navigating a complex IAM ecosystem, or strategizing for future growth, our experts can guide you in assessing whether JumpCloud is the right fit for your needs.

JumpCloud - Implementation Services

ElephantHop excels in providing comprehensive JumpCloud Implementation Services, a crucial step for organizations embracing new or transitioning from existing IAM platforms. Our expertise extends across the entire JumpCloud suite: Platform, Identity, Device and Access. We ensure a seamless implementation process, leveraging JumpCloud’s robust features like Patch Management, System Insights, and an extensive Application Catalog. Our focus is on delivering a well-orchestrated implementation, backed by professional support and services, ensuring your organization maximizes the benefits of JumpCloud’s diverse IAM capabilities

JumpCloud - Fully Managed Services

ElephantHop specializes in providing comprehensive JumpCloud Fully Managed Services, essential for maintaining critical technology within your environment. Our services are designed for those who may not have the in-house expertise or who seek an external perspective for managing their IAM solutions. Leveraging JumpCloud's Open Directory Platform™, we ensure efficient and secure management of client identities, devices, and access, catering to all aspects from Single Sign-On to Conditional Access and System Insights. Our approach simplifies IT management, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses, offering a streamlined, cloud-based directory platform that enhances compliance, security, and efficiency across your IT infrastructure​​​

We guide your JumpCloud product adoption so you are maximizing your ROI.

Plan and migrate you off of your current platform and on to JumpCloud.

Integrate JumpCloud Protect (for MFA) or JumpCloud Password Manager.

Single sign-on, Cloud LDAP, Cloud Radius implementations.

Provide JumpCloud support specific to you and going beyond the product.

MFA, Conditional Access, ILM, Cloud Directory services.

Assist you in mitigating security gaps in your JumpCloud environment.

Many more....just ask....we are here to help!

Our partners have realized greater return on their investment and they’ve been able to bolster their security posture by consolidating services under JumpCloud with our help. Let us show you what thousands of companies are doing with JumpCloud and ElephantHop today.

Let's discuss how our Identity and Access Management consultants can assist you and your team.

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