ElephantHop Sparks Global Growth With Expansion Into the United Kingdom

Recently launched ElephantHop has secured a partnership with U.K.-based Managed Service Provider (MSP) Employee Zero. This partnership aims to provide services for the increasing global demand of dedicated support, for JumpCloud products in the region.   BOULDER, Colo. – Sept. 23, 2021 – ElephantHop announced today its international expansion into the United Kingdom through its partnership […]

The Need For Cloud Identity Access Management in EMEA

With the total cloud market reaching $30 billion, the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region is making up a significant force within the global cloud infrastructure. The diverse areas of the EMEA vary greatly in size, infrastructure and growth of cloud adoption.  There is a noticeable interest in cloud computing in EMEA in recent […]

Can you replace Active Directory with Azure AD?

Transition to the cloud has now been a trend for companies of all sizes. They are switching their productivity apps, storage and data backups to the cloud as well as using SaaS, IaaS and many other cloud offerings. Naturally, cloud directory services and identity and access management (IAM) platforms have also been on the radar […]

Can JumpCloud replace Active Directory?

The global pandemic has propelled the changes in the way we work and made foundational shifts in the inner workings within businesses. Remote work, cloud, mobile devices and the impending security threats also add to the change in the way businesses operate. One of the foundations of IT for businesses is the directory service. For […]

How Secure Is The JumpCloud Cloud Directory?

For any modern company, security is at the top of their agenda. Securing their network, data as well as sensitive customer information plays a crucial role in maintaining daily operations and reputation.  Proper security posture can only be maintained if every process, technology and practice is properly secured. As identity and access management (IAM) is […]

How a Cloud Directory can Enable a Remote Workforce

The effects of digital transformation and the pace of technological advancements have created a new environment for employees and businesses. Employees can now work from anywhere in the world, whether they are at their home office or sunbathing on a beach with a laptop in hand.  The COVID-19 pandemic has sped up the office-to-remote transition […]

Answering Your Most Asked Cloud Directory Questions

With any new technology there are bound to be questions. No matter if it’s one that either brings completely new ways of doing business or just comes as an advancements of technologies we’ve relied upon for so long.  A new category of solutions in the identity and access management realm are creating a lot of […]

Redefining Directory Services: Why Cloud is the Way to Go

One of the most, if not the most significant technology innovation over the last decade is cloud computing. Today, cloud computing is nothing new. Every business is in some way pondering the idea of leveraging a cloud infrastructure, or already doing so.  As cloud adoption continues to soar, digital transformation has lead to many vendors […]